The kids of my generation agree

The kids of my generation agree

we aren’t free to question what’s passed down.

Allowed to make professions in a box

with locks containing papal writ,

we sit inside our heads and wonder

what’s under the floorboards of this holy place.

God is one. In self-abasement he accepted our evil, the very thing that we claim will send sinners to hell. The father didn’t smash a man with a hammer; our wounded lover ate his pain and reached back out to us. There was no justice, only forgiveness.

The kids of my generation agree

We aren’t free to ask who you really are.

We’re sorry if it hurts you, but we know

you flow in a moment’s change of eternal who-you-are

and you, never contained, will always wait one step behind

the mind that says you’ve disappeared.

9 thoughts on “The kids of my generation agree

  1. Appreciate your creative thoughts. However, there was justice in God’s rescue of mankind–the cross! I suppose we might call that INjustice, as Christ was innocent; but when he became sin for us, he truly was sin and God truly did satisfy his justice through Christ’s sacrifice. There is this place in scripture (can’t think of where it is) that says “God saw fit to bruise his son.” He did “smash a man with a hammer”, so to speak.

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