The kingdom; the city

As I move from my early twenties (that time of life when it is all life, all possibility) into my mid-twenties (that time of life when possibilities dry up and you are squeezed and funneled more and more into a point), I find the promise of the kingdom, of true citizenship, taking on a sudden […]

A First Corinthians Thirteen for Creativity

People think creativity is all about freedom. In reality it’s slavery. They think it’s about showing off your talents and your tools. It’s actually about discovering how inadequate you are and how uninteresting your tools are. They think it’s about the meat of what you say. It’s actually about what you leave unsaid. They think […]

The day of birds

She is plump, bright-eyed, bob-headed, brown-feathered. She is hungry. She is hunting rice. Rice doesn’t come easy; she has to wait. She has to compete with the faster ones and the sneakier ones, the ones whose feathers stay tight to their bodies ready for flight. But her feathers are fluffed. She is at home, safe, […]