The Wedge

Not yet conscious, not yet human, but headed in that direction.

They worked you up in a glorious reeking haze, dulled senses unfeeling, and there you go. You were not planned, and neither was the act.

Can’t kick yet and can’t tell her you’ve come because at this point, she could just be late.

In eleven years, if you make it, you’ll earn the same reproductive rights to your own body that now drive a wedge between your mother’s interests and your own.

But for now, your mother says


You’re a nuisance and I hate you.

And god weeps in the atoms of the scalpels that slice you.

5 thoughts on “The Wedge

  1. A Facebook acquaintance posted a link about a possible new abortion law in Ohio and claimed she was “heartbroken and terrified” that Ohio was considering banning abortions after the first detectable heartbeat.

    I wrote this in response and posted the link as a comment on her post. She promptly removed me as a Facebook friend.

  2. When I was a Medic in the Navy, I saw the result of an abortion. The baby fit in my hand and was perfectly formed. So tiny and beautiful. Just not wanted. Abortion IS murder.

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