guard the gift

Last night at Culture Changers in Cleveland, we talked about resumes and the professional culture of You’re Not Good Enough, and how this message destroys creativity. I wanted to share the mental process that I use to guard creative time from professional time (a.k.a. fear time). 1) Recognize the difference between Fear and Creativity. Getting […]

manifesto, take ii: change of plans

I am not going to write the next book in the Vaulan Cycle. Instead, I’m going to write a near-future Internet thriller. Over the last 6 days, I have had a bit of an identity crisis, and a total change of direction. I may complete┬áMake Worlds With Me, Book III in the Vaulan Cycle, some […]


Some people may not understand what I’m doing here. The Vaulan Cycle has science fiction elements, but it is no more concerned with science than it is with fiction. There is no genre for my work. Though it may carry the legacy of certain authors (or not–I may be a delusional narcissist), it is not […]