The Strife of Tongues

A thought came last night while I was falling asleep. “Reductionist” is an easy missile to lob at any argument that attempts to simplify seeming intellectual complexities. From within these complexities, sure, any meta-view appears retardedly simple. From outside, though, one can see the lab rats running back and forth within the maze, squeaking about […]

Poetry Review: Glitter Bomb, Aaron Belz

“I am the light of the light at the center of the thing that’s happening the most important thing that’s happening currently” With that, Aaron Belz closes “So Galactic,” a monologue by an LA kid who plays (presumably guitar) in the Macronauts and wears pink hair and “crapped-up Vans.” I think I met this same […]

New novel in the works

Gentle Readership, I’m happy to tell you that I’ve finished the draft of a new novel. It’s called The Year of Perfect Sight. What’s it about? Glad you asked! Wesley Bennett wants the girl at the bar, but the apps in his vision can’t help him remember her name. He’ll have to follow her down the streets […]