Fear is not real; it’s a lens through which you can come to see the world. Events are real, but not when they are imagined. Most imagined events never come to be; many real events were never imagined. Fear is nothing more than a mental projection of the future that sees the glass as half-empty. […]

The eyes he gave me before my birth

My uncle gave me a 35mm camera. From it I learned the finer distinctions of light and shadow and the grainy music of film. I had never taken pictures that looked more beautiful than real life until I learned to balance aperture, exposure, focus, and natural color. What could be more beautiful than a walk […]

Senate Bill 5 and related tangents

A quick overview: http://www.ohioverticals.com/blogs/akron_law_cafe/2011/02/ohio-senate-bill-5-abolishing-state-collective-bargaining-rights/ I can understand the outrage: the bill boils down to a forced pay-cut for public employees. Maybe it’s just my annoyance with the shenanigans of college professors, but I don’t mind seeing their union broken. Profs have it good even without a union. I work a mildly-technically-demanding job for $11 an […]